Divine aims to build community bringing together creators across the boundaries of media, geography, and discipline, all working towards a more shame-free, sexually de-stigmatized tomorrow. Be sure to check out what each of these artists, writers and performers are doing, follow & support. Be a part of the revolution.

Divine 002: Worship

Amin El Gamal

Amin El Gamal [Issue 002: Worship] is a queer Muslim, Egyptian American actor (so many identity categories!). Recent roles include the toxically-masculine ISIL wannabe, Cyclops, on Prison Break and the ancient Egyptian god of chaos, Apep, on The Librarians. 

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Ben Orozco

Ben Orozco [Issue 003: Men] is a neon artist, graphic designer, and illustrator based in Madison, WI. He uses the graphic tendency of neon and traditional signmaking techniques to explore language, perception, and his environment. He is currently studying Glass & Graphic Design at the University of Wisconsin–Madison for his Bachelors of Fine Arts.

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Beverly Bergamot

Beverly Bergamot [Issue 003: Men] is a late bloomer. After battling 25 years of crippling virginity, she is making up for lost time as a born again slut. She is a writer, educator, and french fry expert living in Southern California.



Charlie Bellcastle

Charlie Bellecastle [Issue 003: Men] is the nom-de-sex of an NYC-based performer, writer, and professional pervert.

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Dante Dionys

Dante Dionys [Issue 003: Men] is a gender non-conforming adult performer and kink companion based in Berlin.

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Dorian Tocker

Dorian Tocker [Issue 003: Men] is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. His work in music videos, advertising, and narrative has shown at international film festivals, on television, and online with premieres on Entertainment Weekly, VEVO, NOISEY, NYLON Magazine, and Stereogum, receiving multiple Vimeo Staff Picks and a Telly Award. He has an MFA in Directing from the American Film Institute.

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Dwam Ipomée

Dwam Ipomée [Divine 003: Men] is a 33 year-old queer artist from France, Jill-of-all-trades, creating tattoo, photography, illustration, video, and comics. Their work is a sort of visual poetry, set to blur the lines of orientations and genders, revolving around queerness, fluid sexualities, polyamour, questioning stereotypes and normalcy, and exploring as well modern mythical witchcraft and the oneiric landscapes of our minds and visions.

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Elle DiSanti

Elle DiSanti [Divine 003: Men] is a writer, dancer, and traveler. She draws inspiration from music, movement and the multitude of personalities she encounters, both in daily life and while traveling. She currently calls Portland, OR base camp.



Emily Herr

Emily Herr [Divine 003: Men] is a muralist based in Richmond, VA. Her current and ongoing project is a cross-country mural series called Girls! Girls! Girls! that claims public visual space for inclusive, realistic representation of women. Her goal is to celebrate women as complex human beings, in contrast to the ubiquitous public imagery that flattens them into simple objects.

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Garrett DeRossett

Garrett DeRossett [Divine 002: Worship] is a graphic designer and art director located in Brooklyn. He is interested in telling stories, expressing emotions, and exorcising demons through words & pictures.

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Jem Milton

Jem Milton [Divine 003: Men] is a comic artist and illustrator living in Glasgow. They make a fantasy webcomic called The Flying Ship, inspired by Russian folklore. Their diary comics are centred around themes of polyamory, queerness and supportive relationships.

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Jenevieve Ting

Jenevieve Ting [Divine 002: Worship] is a queer Asian-American writer, poet and artist whose work focuses on the connective tissue that exists between our many daily—sometimes hourly—acts of loving, losing and allowing.

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Photo by Sophia Wallace

Photo by Sophia Wallace

Jiz Lee

Jiz Lee [Divine 002: Worship] is a genderqueer porn performer and adult film producer. Mixing business with pleasure, their mission is to expand the cinematic sexual landscape. 

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Lauren Walkiewicz

Lauren Walkeiwicz [Divine 002: Worship] is an artist born in Detroit, living and working in Brooklyn. She received her BFA from the University of Michigan, Stamps School of Art & Design in 2013.

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Margaret Japp

Margaret Japp [Divine 002: Worship] lives in Los Angeles and studies film and television production at the University of Southern California. She is passionate about writing, story telling, and advocating for feminism & human rights.



Olivia Olszewski

Olivia Olszewski [Divine 003: Men] is an Art Director, Designer, Photographer, and Illustrator based in NYC. Her goal with any creation is to evoke genuine human connection and to always create with purpose. She is ecstatically exploring a polyamorous lifestyle with hopes to continue creating work that empowers men and women to embrace all forms of relationships and sexuality.

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Peter Kratcoski

Peter Kratcoski [Divine 002: Worship] is an illustrator from Kent, OH who also plays drums in a queer-core anarcho-punk band. He struggles with a fluid gender identity in a masculine-dominated society.

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Simone Noronha

Simone Noronha [Divine 002: Worship] is a designer, illustrator, and animator based in Brooklyn.

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Sydney Southam

Sydney Southam [Divine 002: Worship] is an artist, pole dancer, and stripper who loves getting naked and vulnerable for your viewing pleasure. Her films explore memory, trauma, personal history, and the body. 

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Virginia Zamora

Virginia Zamora [Divine 002: Worship] is a Cuban-American, Miami girl currently drawing pictures and celebrating women in New York.

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W.A. Raigosa

W.A. Raigosa [Divine 003: Men] is a 19-year-old femme Xicana artist based in Long Beach, CA. Her focus lies heavily on the body, expression and intimacy in relation to identity. She is deeply inspired by her family's histories as well as the art of story telling. Focusing in both photography and sculpture, Wendy explores what does it mean to be human and how the communities we live in shape who we become.

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