Below are lists of reading, projects, companies and efforts that I believe to be of sound sex-positive perspective. I can personally vouch for most of what's here, although there is a bit of reading here that is on my list and I have yet to get to. If you have anything that belongs on this list, please get in touch!



"Who Gets to be Sexy?" by --
by Amanda Hess
The New York Times

Actually, Talking About Porn with Your Kids is Easy & Crucial
by Elle Stanger

by Vex Ashley

A Gentleman's Guide to Rape Culture
by Zaron Burnett III


Can Porn Move with the Times?
Interview with Mackenzie Peck of MATH Magazine
France 24

It's Time for Porn to Change
Erika Lust
TED x Vienna

The Laws that Sex Workers Really Want
Juno Mac
TED x East End

Friends & Allies

Math Magazine
Radically-inclusive, woman-run porn magazine based in Brooklyn, NY.

Peachfuzz Magazine
Quarterly, print-only, lady-run, sex-positive nudie mag based in Austin, TX.

Erika Lust
Feminist pornographer and creator of crowd-sourced fantasy porn website, XConfessions, based in Barcelona.

A Four Chambered Heart
Pornographic short film collection that combines sex and cinema, produced and directed by feminist performer, Vex Ashley.

Minimalist, inclusive, woman-run sex pleasure & health products.

Kidd Bell
Radically empowering apparel & accessories based in Los Angeles.

Handmade, size-inclusive lingerie, made in LA.

Allright Collective / Allmost Studio
Women-run maker market and event & co-working space space.

Citizens of Culture
Non-profit that uses arts & media to develop critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and combat resource inequality.

Promoting good health and well being, especially with respect to people’s experience of intimacy, by creating products that enhance natural, sensual pleasures and relieve discomfort and pain.

Women-run, inclusive arthaus and event space that celebrates diversity and focuses on supporting artists with creative exhibition and exposure in Echo Park, Los Angeles.