Divine's mission is to authenticate and deepen connections to ourselves and each other through art that explores and celebrates sexuality and self love. Only by honest and strong connections at this base level do we find empowerment to then form strong communities that can move mountains.

Come visit us at Kiosk Fest (Friday before SF Zine Fest) in San Francisco. Friday, Sept 1 from 10am-6pm, we'll be on Market St. between 4th St. and Embarcadero (exact location TBD) repping Divine. Keep your ear to the ground for more details.

Listen to the first episode of Divine Podcast featuring Sydney Southam on Soundcloud or iTunes.

Divine 002: Worship

Divine is a DIY zine that explores sex and bodies through art, words and image, lovingly and explicitly. Issue 002 centered around the theme of Worship explores how we worship ourselves and each other. What happens when we celebrate sexuality rather than being afraid of it? What happens when we realize withholding our desire to connect, deeply and honestly, with ourselves and others is only to the detriment of society as a whole? Dig into this issue with poetry, story, illustration, photography, and thoughts featuring: Amin El Gamal, Peter Kratcoski, Jiz Lee, Sydney Southam, Lauren Walkiewicz, Simone Noronha, Virginia Zamora, Margaret Japp, Jenevieve Ting, and Garrett Derossett.

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