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Divine is a DIY printed art zine made by Jillian Adel in Los Angeles, CA that focuses on the themes of sexuality, bodies, gender, identity and self love—all through the lens of radical intersectional feminist sex positivity.


Jillian is an art director for advertising, graphic designer, and lettering artist who found herself immersed in the world of pole dancing on the heels of her move from NYC to LA in 2014. Through pole dancing, she learned about the values of sex positivity as they related to sex work and about her love for and the role of the Divine Feminine. One slow Fall season, Jillian started making work with no purpose. Well, it had a purpose. It's purpose was to be "bad". The Good Rule which established: Make something totally for you, make something you've never made before, make it so bad, and then give it a platform to exist publicly, was a set of experimental digital artwork created each day in the month of October 2016. This art included photography, specifically selfies, specifically partially nude selfies that explored body and identity. A fire was lit to make art and share idea around the subject. But how should it live? After much debating, Jillian decided to share this idea in the format of a zine. A zine was sacred. A zine was something you could create totally on your own, in the privacy of your own home, and deliver explicitly in the entirety of its context, to whomever chose.

Divine 001: What It Takes was born. A combination of photo and hand-lettered prose, the first issue was made completely solo. She just needed ~*whatever this was*~ to exist in the world. 

As time went on, she realized the meaning of Divine was to create space for these conversations and this kind of work. But conversations can't happen alone (I mean, they can but that's another story) in a vacuum. So for Divine 002: Worship, Jillian invited 10 contributors of various backgrounds, media strengths, and voices to make work around the issue of worshipping ourselves and each other, by way of actually doing it with art. Porn actors, activists, writers, poets, actors, and artists came together to create a loving, sexy, beautiful compilation, ready to be consumed by wanting eyes and minds.

Divine is completely self-funded, self-published, and self-produced in Los Angeles and makes the most of what Jillian calls "high low art", maximizing low budget printing with high art taste. It lives in a format of 5.75x8.5 in., printed on bright white paper with Stardream Metallic cover text, finished with custom rubber stamps and a saddle stitch stapler.

Divine has been featured on Under Consideration: FPO, AIGA Eye on Design No. 119 and No. 152, and in the Passion Project Design exhibition at Minnesota State University, Mankato, and has participated in SF Zine Fest's Kiosk Fest.